Cheng Du is one of China’s livable cities. It has something to offer to both young and the old alike. It’s the home for China’s most famous creatures, not to mention the giant pandas. Overtime, Cheng Du has evolved to become one of the most popular travel destinations in the country, thanks to its history and tradition, art, and weather. To fly from Hong Kong to Cheng Du, you’ll need to book your flight early. With the many airlines flying to China, getting one to Cheng Du shouldn’t be an issue.

What is the best time to travel to Cheng Du

You can visit in the spring or autumn; they are a great time to tour the Giant Buddha. If traveling in summer, pack long sleeves, overcoats, trousers, and wind-proof coats in case of temperature drops. The ideal time to visit is from March to June and September to November.

These are the best seasons to view the giant pandas. These beautiful creatures are lazy in hot weather and love cooling off in air-conditioned rooms. Mornings are the best time of the day to spot these creatures, and it’s advisable to plan your trip accordingly. Pandas are most active during this time of the day, and you’ll see many of them climbing trees, playing, or eating.

What is the best time to see baby pandas? Visit Cheng Du between late August and December, and you’ll likely get to see the tiny newborns in Cheng Du research base of Panda breeding.

Do I need a visa for Cheng Du?

Cheng Du is a lovely travel destination in China. The city has since introduced a six-day and the 144-hour visa-free transit. You can vacation and stay in Cheng Du, and ten other cities in Sichuan province without a visa if you come from one of those countries. 

Citizens of 53 select countries can enjoy the free-visa stay. However, valid documents like a passport valid, a confirmed air ticket and a visa to a third country, and an arrival/departure card are mandatory.

Is Cheng Du safe for visitors?

Cheng Du is a secure haven for visitors and foreigners. But, it’s worth noting that safety starts with you. Like you’d do in other cities, exchange money at a bank, and exercise caution while crossing the road. Some drivers are notorious for speedy driving and disobeying traffic rules.

How much will I pay for food and a hotel in Cheng Du?

Life in Cheng Du is comparatively cheaper as compared to places like Europe and North America. You can live on about 100 CNY per day in Cheng Du. The meal prices in Cheng Du vary from one place or hotel to the other. Based on other travelers’ spending habits, on average, a meal costs approximately renminbi 50 for one person. Moreover, breakfast rates are somewhat cheaper than lunch or dinner.

 For the hotels, the cheapest day to book is Friday or Saturday, and the cheapest check-in day is Sunday. All hotels in China charge varying rates, averagely 3-star hotels cost about $29 per night, while 4-star hotels charge $47 per single night. If you’re looking for exceptional services and amenities, a 5-star hotel in Cheng-Du will cost about $115 per night.

Is Cheng Du worth visiting?

Cheng Du is a city worth your time. It’s more scenic in autumn, unlike in other seasons. And this is the best time to tour the city. Although the city lost most sightseeing spots after a year of earthquakes, most places have since rebuilt, and things are back to normal. 

The top attractions in Cheng Du are;

1. Giant Panda breeding research base

Giant pandas are unique creatures and are China’s national treasure. They are beautiful and beloved by people from all walks of life. Touring Chengdu allows you to see these enchanting animals, feed them, and take a few photos. At the Giant Panda breeding research base, you’ll also see the largest pandas and their little ones.

2. Du Fu cottage

The Du Fu cottage is a thatched cottage museum park and a memorial temple. It was built in honor of the most outstanding Chinese poet Du Fu. In this place, you’ll explore Du Fu Chinese poetry. You’ll also savor the best moments in a sanctuary amid the city. 

The Du Fu cottage features beautiful walkways with shrubs and flowers, ponds, waterfalls, and a pagoda. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and capture fascinating images if vacationing loved ones.

3. New Century Global Center 

I believe you don’t want to leave Cheng Du without acquiring some treasures from the top malls in the city. If you’re this kind of person, the New Century Global Center is a free-standing building and is the largest in the world. It measures 20 million sq ft, and it’s a state-of-the the-art shopping mall. It houses an indoor amusement park, museums, restaurants, 5-star hotels, movie theatres, skating rinks, and more.

4. Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha is a stone statue of Maitreya. It stands 233ft high and is carved directly from an enclosing rock. It’s a fantastic fear started by a Buddhist monk, Haitong, in AD 713. The work was continued by other monks and artists after his death and was completed in AD 803. It’s the world’s most giant sculpture of Buddha that draws pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the world.

5. The Wenshu Monastery

Are you interested in matters of religion? If yes, this is the best spot for you. It’s an authentic Buddhist temple, and you’ll see locals worshiping and burning incense. The temple features a blooming garden, and many locals stroll with birdcages, to offer the birds the freshest air on the streets.

If looking for finger-licking food and exotic buffets, this is the place to be. Wenshu Monastery never disappoints when it comes to food buffets. You’ll find a variety of vegan restaurants and tea houses at the Wenshu Monastery.

The bottom line

Cheng Du is a beautiful city with a host of historic sites and attractions. It’s a great spot to tour with friends and family. For a successful trip, plan everything and book your flight early. Search for the best deals on flights and hotels. Moreover, opt for a hotel that allows you to access the top attractions with ease.

All You Need to Know When Traveling to Cheng Du