Brooklyn is one of my favourite parts of New York City, and it’s a neighbourhood that rivals Manhattan. I love all of Brooklyn’s quirks, with its interesting culture and fascinating corners that often get overlooked in favour of its bigger brother. I want to talk more about five things that you absolutely need to do whilst you are in Brooklyn. This article is the perfect opportunity for me to reflect and for you to learn more. I hope you enjoy it!

Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge, As Seen from Manhattan, New York City. Image via Wikimedia by Postdlf

Whether you’re staying in one of the many great hotels in Brooklyn or you’re staying in Manhattan, you absolutely must walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s an amazing experience, and the Gothic architecture is fascinating. The bridge is quite beautiful from the Brooklyn or Manhattan side, and you can see several interesting parts of the city from the bridge itself, such as the Brooklyn Promenade or the many skyscrapers neatly lined up in Manhattan. Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge also gives you an idea of just how many cars use the bridge on a daily basis. More than 100,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day!

Eat a Pizza

The Italian heritage of many New Yorkers means the city has plenty of great pizza, and no trip to Brooklyn would be complete without eating a slice or two. There are so many places to enjoy great pizza in Brooklyn, such as Grimaldis, Best Pizza, and Roberta’s. Whether you like it by the slice or you want to dig into the whole pie, you can’t miss your chance to try a beautiful New York-style pizza.

Visit Williamsburg

Over the past few years, Brooklyn has really come along as a cultural destination, and Williamsburg is right at the heart of it. This place is full of hip shops, restaurants, and cafés. There is also a booming local music and art scene, and you’re guaranteed to see some interesting and quirky individuals. Go and see a show in Williamsburg if you get the chance, especially if you like independent music.

Take a Tour of the Brownstones

Brownstones are the typical residential buildings in Brooklyn, and they’ve become world-famous architectural icons. They’re beautiful with their bay windows and charming, understated style. Be sure to walk around Brooklyn’s Kings County neighbourhood to find the best one.

Head to Prospect Park

Prospect Park was developed by the same team that designed Central Park, and every Brooklynite is proud to call this park theirs. Naturally, summer is the best time to visit, thanks to the ample sunshine and the huge Long Meadow. You can do many different things in this wonderful park, such as checking out one of the few remaining indigenous forests in the area, collecting wild herbs, or simply walking around and enjoying the atmosphere.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things that are possible in Brooklyn. There is, of course, so much more to do there, making Brooklyn a great place to explore on your next holiday to New York. Happy travels and enjoy the pizza!


5 Things You Need To Do In Brooklyn