Dresden, the capital city of the German Federal State of Saxony, is situated on both banks of the River Elbe, very close to the Czech border. It is a charming town with a rich history of kings and noblemen. Although WWII bombing destroyed much of the historic city centre, parts of it have been restored to their original state.

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Beautiful Buildings
There are many wonderful attractions that you need to see during a stay in Dresden. The beautifully designed buildings lining the Elbe, a vast number of them in stately Baroque style, are lit up at night, creating a stunning spectacle of light and reflection on the surface of the water. The Semperoper (the opera house named after Gottfried Semper), which was completely rebuilt and reopened in 1985, the Frauenkirche and the Zwinger Palace, to name but a few, are a must on your itinerary. There are also several interesting museums and a zoo.

Don’t Forget Insurance 
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The Tobacco Mosque
The Yenidze is a restaurant with a super terrace from which you can enjoy a great view of the city. It is sometimes referred to as the “tobacco mosque” due to its oriental appearance, complete with minaret, and the fact that it was originally a tobacco factory. It was given a new look in the early 20th Century when the authorities decided that they no longer wanted any factories in the city centre that were recognisable as such.

River Boats on the Elbe
A holiday in Dresden would not be complete without a trip on one of the Elbe River Boats some of which are delightful old paddle steamers. Most boats offer refreshments, including coffee and cake, light meals, alcohol and cold drinks. The view of the city from the river is breathtaking and very romantic indeed.

A Bridge Over the Elbe
The Augustus Bridge over the Elbe was built in the early 1900s. With its stone arches, it is extremely attractive. Enjoy the view of the bridge as you picnic on the green north bank of the river. It’s absolutely free of charge and after a busy city tour, relaxing on the lush lawns is just the thing to do.


A Guide to Dresden, Germany