If you are thinking of taking your summer holidays this year in the United Kingdom then you might want to consider going down to the South of the country and check out the Cornish town of Looe. Although this small town may seem less appealing than some of the more popular areas of the county like Newquay, it has plenty to offer and there are lots of things to do near Looe and in Looe itself.

Historically the little village itself was and still is a fishing port but it was also a major smuggling village and if you take a trip to the local museum you can see lots of memorabilia related to the old highly illegal activity. If you have a younger family, a great activity and great fun for the kids is to go rock pooling with the local marine conservation society. The children will almost certainly enjoy scrambling around the rock pools after the tide has retreated and discover the various sea creatures that have been stranded by the outgoing sea.

Something a little more challenging and probably not for the younger members of the family is coasteering. This recreation is a little difficult to define but it kind of involves you scrambling around the rocky coastline and navigating across small stretches of water without using any buoyancy aides or flotation devices. It can be pretty challenging and was really invented by surfers as a way for them to reach secluded coves and surf virgin waves.

Other activities in Looe will involve you leaving the safety of dry land and go and try your hand at a bit of deep sea fishing. Make sure you take your sea legs with you for this one as getting sea sick, although providing plenty of bait for the fish, is really not a pleasant experience. The most popular catch of the day is usually mackerel and with multiple hooks, or feathers, on your line you may not be surprised when you reel in half a dozen fish in one go.

Something that has become quite popular with young adults has become the adrenaline junkie pastime of cliff jumping. There are opportunities to do this near Looe but because it can be very dangerous the advice would be to go to a designated place where it can be done safely and under supervision.   

Fun by the Sea