hether you want to go shopping, clubbing or play the tourist, Beijing has everything you need for a good time. Grab your wallet and let’s go! First up, we will be showcasing some fun places to go shopping.

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You cannot call yourself a Beijing expat unless you have been to the Zoo Market. Don’t worry; this is not a food market that sells anything you can find in the real zoo. The Zoo Market is a chaotic clothing and accessories bazaar that sells super cheap items. If you ever wondered where the locals shopped for good deals, the Zoo Market is it.

Next up on our shopping tour is Zhongguancun. This area of shopping malls and stores in the northwest part of town is famous for having every piece of electronic equipment you could ever need. It’s also a great place to go if you need anything repaired. Prices at many of the stores are negotiable.

Now that you have all of your shopping finished, let’s meander through one of Beijing’s best parks, the China Minorities Park. Although the park targets tourists, very few foreigners visiting or living in Beijing have ever been there. It’s a hidden gem!

You can see all of China’s 55 minority groups in a representation of their unique local garb and settings in a matter of hours. There is no possible way you will ever have this opportunity again unless you have several months or years to travel around China and see all of China’s minorities in their actual native locales. One day at this park will save you a great deal of time and effort in understanding more about China’s diverse population. Bring your friends and get some great pictures of yourself dressed in ethnic garb while you watch a variety of dances and shows.

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The next interesting destination on the fun agenda has to be Nanluoguxiang (NLGX) Hutong. This backstreet has a very long Chinese name but it’s actually a rather short alleyway filled with interesting stores, eateries, and people. You would never guess from walking around the area that such a cool street full of chic and unique places exists. If you need a gift for someone who is impossible to shop for, NLGX is the place to find it. On top of that, you can get some great eats and drinks and souvenirs for yourself.


After a full day exploring Beijing, you’ll want to relax at some of the best bars and clubs in town, which are located around the middle of the city near Sanlitun. Club Elements on Gongti Xilu is always packed on the weekends and guarantees an exciting night of music, dancing and fun times. If you’re looking for a more laid back bar, be sure to check out Bottle, Boot, and Cigar which has no menu and where you can order whatever drink you dream up made with high quality ingredients that can’t be found anywhere else in town.

Beijing has something to offer everyone whether your definition of fun is loud music and dancing with a crowd of people or enjoying a book by yourself on a quiet lake. There’s a lot to see and do in the capital of China. You won’t be disappointed.



Zoo Market

Xizhimenwai Dajie, Xicheng district



China Minorities Park

1 Minzuyuan Rd, Chaoyang




58 Gongti Xilu, Chaoyang district



Bottle, Boot & Cigar

168 Taipingzhuang Nanli, off Xinfu, Chaoyang district



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Gi2C Guide: Fun places in Beijing