The Gulf State, Qatar is all set to take centre stage as the host of the 2022 Football World Cup. With a world-class stadium and some comfortable accommodation facilities, it has all that it takes to make a venue befitting for avid footballers. People are planning to visit the place from all parts of the world for the pulsating nation is indeed a wonderful tourist destination. Qatar is certainly making its mark felt on the tourist radar in more ways than one for it has a reliable transportation system.

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Even so, a lot of tourists prefer to get around by renting a car in Qatar. You can make your live sport-watching experience all the more exciting by exploring a few of these off-field wonders.

Spas and Massages

Qatar is well known for moorish-style relaxation joints that specialise in hydrating sugar scrubs. You can indulge yourself in a hot stone massage or some Moroccan hammam therapy after a long flight, to rejuvenate your mind and body.

Delectable Cuisine

When in the country, you must certainly drive to the candle-lit confines of signature restaurants serving global fusion specialities. Since the eateries are far spaced, using a car rental is the best way to get to them and explore the cuisine of this exciting nation. The traditional eating joints treat your taste buds to the delicious seafood and have a lot on the platter for football enthusiasts and gastronomists.

Arabian Arts

The recently inaugurated Museum of Islamic Art attracts visitors with an exquisite collection of tile work. There are intriguing textiles and scientific instruments at the museum along with a host of rare books. The exhibits cover territories from China to Morocco and span across a millennium. Right from Central Asian ceramics belonging to medieval times to sleek and intricate Moorish astrolabes attributed to the 14th-century the museum is certainly a must visit!

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Shopping Among Persian Markets

Whether you wish to go Turkish, Persian, Iraqi, Yemeni or Moroccan in Qatar, you can simply take your pick at Doha’s sprawling Souq Waqif. One of the best ways to explore the quaint 20th-century bazaar is by renting a car in Qatar. It will expedite your travel so you can browse through falcons, accessories or buy jewellery, ethnic blankets, rusty daggers along with textiles and still make it back in time for a match.

Take a closer look at Doha’s evolution from the comfort of your plush rental. You can even visit Corniche or savour the mosques as you experience high levels of luxury and enjoy your time in the country.

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