If you are heading to Lima for a South America Tour, you are in for a treat, because Lima will most likely become your favourite holiday destination after you visit. It is full of culture and history, that probably cannot be matched by any other South American country. Here are some great things to do in Lima.

Pucllana Temple (Huaca Pucllana)

You really don’t need to go into the jungle or mountains to see historical Peruvian ruins,  you can easily do this in Lima. Most of these ruins  not able to be accessed by the Pucllana Temple  is one of the places that you are actually able to visit. The temple is located in the Miraflores district and it is believed that it was built around 500 AD. There are constant discoveries of artifacts and ancient mummies and this makes it even more interesting, and the site is still being uncovered today. This is a great place at night too, as the temple is lit up at night and gives it an almost surreal look.


El Malecon

This is another attraction in the Miraflores district and El Malecon is a huge 10 kilometre stretch of parks that lies on the cliffs that meet with the beautiful Pacific ocean. This place is perfect for almost any leisure activity that you can think of, such as biking and jogging. THe re are a number of beautiful sculptural works that are scattered throughout the parks and only add to the immense scenery. If you are feeling more adventurous it is also possible to parasail from the cliffs, especially with the strong winds coming from the ocean.



Larcomar is yet another attraction of the Miraflores district and it offers a huge complex full of shopping, entertainment and of course, food! You may read about this place and perhaps wonder where such a building is when you get there, the reality is that it is built into side of a cliff. This place is also perfect for stunning views of the ocean,  and you can enjoy the views from one of the many restaurants here. There really is something for everyone here with  entertainment options such as a pool hall, cinema and a bowling alley.  You can also shop til you drop here with a number of fashion designers and boutiques.


No visit to Lima would be complete without finding some good Cerviche, which is a classic dish made from raw fish, onions and chilis. This combination is marinated in lime juice and really is the highlight of Peruvian cuisine and is especially good when the ingredients are ultra fresh. There really is high competition in Lima for the person who can claim to make the best Cerviche and it will not be hard to find a good one!

4 Things To Do In Lima
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