The world of communications has changed with the rise and widespread of the internet, and we are now more connected than ever before. We no longer need to spend money in expensive phone bills to speak to someone who lives on the other end of the planet as we can now do that from our computers and smart devices for the very low cost of an internet data package. This has really changed the dynamics of many aspects of society as we are now able to reach people instantly without effort. One aspect of life that has seen a big change is the world of dating; as we are no longer obliged to go out to meet potential partners. We can now meet new lovers straight from our computer screens; but how does one convey their feelings through a webcam and microphone; and does it really work?


Online chat

In the past we would write letters to each other and talk over the phone. Letters had the advantage of being prepared; with time taken to make sure we wrote the right things. On the other side telephones still gave us some sort of anonymity as we could not see each other during the call. But now that we use webcams and microphones there is no hiding and we can see each other’s face and bodies. It almost feels like we are face to face; but instead we are still doing things from the comfort of our own homes.

How to act

The conversation you will have online will very much depend on the sort of dating you are going for. There is a difference between using a traditional dating website when you are looking for a serious relationship and a more casual dating site where you are looking to free adult chat. On one side you will be talking about matters that are relevant to family life and future ambitions; whilst on the other you will just be acting naughty and turning each other on. How you behave during an online chat has to be appropriate to the site you are using; so don’t take your clothes off straight away if you are just talking about romance; it just won’t work! Keep that sort of behaviour for naughty dating; there this sort of act will not be seen out of place.

Words matter

Ultimately now that we can use webcams, we can act with our bodies giving away our intentions. This visual aspect is useful as mentioned previously; but words are still the most important aspect of chatting. The good thing is that you can act the same way as if you were in the same room face-to-face; and here it is OK to have a few uncomfortable silences. That is because you can see each other so it won’t be as uncomfortable as with being on the phone. Ultimately you just need to be yourself and just make sure that the conversation is still entertaining. Just be a fun person and stay lively and the person you are chatting with won’t be bored. Just try to get them to laugh a bit and you will have done half of the job already. Talk but also ask questions to show you are considerate and they will know that they are in good hands!

Do you know how to chat online?