Cruises are fun whether you’re in a group or travelling solo. But, like with all holidays, if you’re travelling with a mate, it’s best to be well prepared. The following tips have been designed for those travelling as a couple. Whether you’re best friends, romantic, or anywhere in between, these tips will take all the drama out of your cruise.

Take note, talk to your mate, then head over to to find the right cruise for you!

Pick wisely

Some people are excellent friends, but terrible travel partners. Visualise your idea of a good time. Now, imagine that idea being played out by nearly everyone on your cruise, except you. Travelling with people who have conflicting ideas of “fun” can be testing and, most likely, you’ll leave the ship with a strained relationship and stressful memories.

The best travel partnerships are formed between people who understand each other’s needs and space. While cruise ships are big, the living quarters are relatively small. Cruise with someone who can read you—who understands that sometimes you both need to split up to do your own thing!  

Know your itinerary

It might sound like a good idea when your mate tells you ‘not to worry’—that they’ve ‘taken care of it all’, but this can come back to bite you. Just imagine if you didn’t like the cold and you ended up on a river cruise through Europe in the winter!

Really get to know your itinerary—note the ports you’ll be stopping at and research what you can do at them. Not only will this help you when packing, it’ll also prevent the shock of a nasty surprise. There’s nothing worse than finding out you’ve been signed up for something you’re not that into!

Make sure the ship suits

There are so many cruise ships out there—one quick look at MyCruises will tell you that! Whether you want cuisine from all over the world, innovative features and activities, family friendly options, ultimate luxury, black-tie events, world class entertainment, or anything in between, there’s a ship out there for you!

Look at what your ship offers before you book. Make sure that it suits you AND your mate. Don’t be that friend who books an expedition cruise as a “test-of-character”. If you are the type of pair who needs luxury and calm, you will not have a great time!

Be smart when you cruise. Avoid the drama of travelling with a mate by researching at first!

Top tips for cruising with your mate