I was recently looking over my finances and seeing how much I would be able to save up for my next holiday, I decided that it was best to take a loan . Whilst I was waiting for a response from Cash Lady about the approval of my loan I started reading about ‘how the other half live.’

I started to read an article that detailed the amounts of money celebrities were paid for the reality tv shows they appear on. I of course knew that they would be earning good money, but I was really surprised to read that some earned over 300,000 pounds! That seems like a huge amount of money for just a few weeks work, especially when you consider that they are not really A-List celebs.

I also didn’t realise that the shows were genuinely competitive. If you look at the infographic below you will see that on Strictly Come Dancing the celebs earn more the further they progress in the competition. It seems like a great idea because it means they won’t just show up and collect their cheque but also put in a lot of effort too. After you look at the money they earned below, click here to take a look at the full article talking about the money they bank on these hugely successful shows.]

This awesome infographic was created by the good people at Cash Lady. Enjoy!


The numbers behind Celebrity TV Shows