There is no question that the Caribbean is a wonderful place. I absolutely love the beaches, great weather and the lifestyle there. To me it is a pretty unique travel destination that you can’t find anywhere else on earth. I especially enjoy luxury Caribbean vacations and I wanted to talk to you a little bit more about the things that I find special about taking a holiday there.

The culture

One thing to notice about being in the Caribbean is without a doubt the culture, there is this laid back attitude that you simply cannot find anywhere else on the world. It is also very difficult to describe, but once you see it you will notice it instantly. The best way I can describe it is that the people are simply open, relaxed and much more carefree than any of other place (holiday or not) that I have ever been to. I think this must come from the slower paced and easier lifestyle in the sun.

The food

The mixture of cultures in the Caribbean has created some incredible cuisine that I really appreciate. For example there are French, Dutch, East Indian, African and other influences that have created a melting pot (quite literally) of food. Mix this with very fresh local produce like seafood, plantain and many other things and you have an amazing recipe for some very good food. Jerk chicken is one of my personal favourites and it comes originally from Jamaica. It is chicken rubbed with some mouth watering spices, which is typically served with rice and vegetables. Trust me though there is so much to discover in terms of food in the Caribbean.

The beach

It is very hard to forget how good the beaches are in the West Indies. The amazingly clear water and white sand is something that I will personally never forget and that you won’t either. The weather is also very good all year round, so you can visit at any time of the year. This probably also explains why the people there are as happy as they are, wouldn’t you be too?

Where to visit

Here are just a few of the islands that you can visit in the Caribbean:

  • The Bahamas – Think of the best beaches in the world and you have the Bahamas, there are also a huge number of great natural sights here like the second deepest blue hole on the planet and even a barrier reef! The hotels in Bahamas are incredible too.
  • Jamaica – Possibly the most relaxed place in all of the Caribbean, Jamaica oozes relaxation. One of my biggest highlights is the stunning food there, I think it is the best in all of the Caribbean. The people are also very famous for their swagger and relaxed attitudes.
  • St Maarten – A typical place for the rich and famous to hang out and a place where you can do exactly the same. You can soak up the island life and perhaps even find yourself at a celebrity party. St Maarten is absolutely stunning!
Why I Love The Caribbean