If the season is starting to weigh heavily on your mind, and you’re dreaming of some sun then no one will blame you. As the summer season approaches, many holiday makers start their envious glances to warmer shores, dreaming of clear water, cocktails on the beach and a bronze tan.

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But perhaps Spain, Portugal and Croatia don’t inspire you anymore – you want to go somewhere different. No more Turkey, no more Greece, how about somewhere a little more obscure but still somewhere that offers amazing Beach Holidays? Check out our list of 5 less famous beach holiday destinations:

1)   Mauritania

Most people couldn’t put Mauritania on a map, however this African country can almost guarantee you beaches all to yourself! It’s wedged along side the Sahara desert, so it can’t promise you lots of sun. The country is 75% desert, but the coast runs along the length of the country so there’s plenty of opportunity to escape the sand with a dip in the beautiful, people-free ocean.

2)   Venezuela

Not on the top of most people’s bucket list, this South America gem is awaiting a tourist boom. With secluded islands like the Los Roques, accessed only by charter plane, you can be offered unrivalled privacy for your beach holiday.  The prices across Venezuela are a fraction of those located in their South American counterparts vacation spots such as Rio De Janeiro, or Buenos Aries, so come and grab yourself a bargain.

3)   Ghana

Another African beauty, Cape Coast in Ghana is an unpolished diamond. This is one of the most beautiful beaches to be found across the whole continent, and although it’s gaining in popularity for people in the know, that knowledge has yet to stretch to the mainstream market. So venture further afar and come to Ghana the next time you need long, empty beaches and crystal clear warers.

4)   American Samoa

Whilst Fiji and Hawaii steal most of the south Pacific plaudits for beaches, American Samoa has every right to feel hard done by when they’re constantly overlooked. With epic mountainous views creeping down to beautiful, blue crashing waves – this American outpost is every bit a tropical paradise.

5)   India

Yes India, but no, not Goa. Chandipur has one of the most intriguing beaches in the world in that it disappears every day! Low and high tide cause a 5km variation in the beaches landscape allow for a very surreal beach experience.

So forget about Sunny Spain, or Picturesque Portugal – impress your friends with some of these destinations next time you feel a need to get your passport stamped, you won’t be disappointed!

5 Beach Holidays You Never Thought Of
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