Mexico has to be one of the best places to take a holiday, it has absolutely everything you need to have the perfect summer break. I really did love my time in Mexico because everything was just great, I couldn’t find fault anything at all. Well, maybe it was a little too hot at midday, but is that really a complaint? With the weather the way it is back in the UK right now and a new place flooded every time we turn on the news I don’t think any of us would complain about the weather being too hot! I was lucky enough to book my Mexico holidays with Direct Holidays, they were able to give me some great advice about what I should see and do. They were also extremely accommodating when it came to finding the best possible price for me, I paid such a low amount for my holiday I almost felt bad, almost!

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Like I said above, everything about the place was perfect. From the second I booked my holiday through the agent I knew that I was going to be in for a real treat. I couldn’t have predicted just how good that treat was going to be, I will definitely be heading back to Mexico when I get the chance. The first thing that was great about my experience was meeting the people when I first got off the plane. The immigration guard was so friendly, smiley and told me to have a great time on my holiday. After I was greeted with ‘welcome to Mexico’ I headed for my taxi where I found an even nicer guy behind the wheel. After chatting about the premier league and our predictions for the upcoming world cup I arrived at my hotel. After a warm goodbye I checked in. Then I was greeted by even more nice people on the reception desk! You get the picture by now, the Mexican people are some of the friendliest people you will ever meet!

It was a real treat meeting food people at every turn. When I went out to eat that night I told our friendly waitress to bring us what ever she thought we should eat, when the food arrived I fell even more in love with this amazing country. The food is absolutely delicious and I advise you to eat as much of it as possible. I am sure that you have tasted Mexican food back home either in a restaurant, from a take away or when you have made it yourself. Well, whatever you had back in the UK forget it! The food over in Mexico is a million times better, you will be blown away by the freshness and flavours in everything you try.


I urge you to visit Mexico as soon as possible, I know I will be back soon. See you there!

Head to Mexico this summer
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