We have probably all heard the famous saying that teaches us that we should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. In this day and age it can sometimes be a little difficult to follow the above saying, we are all so busy rushing to get to work or maybe to get the kids to school. On my travels I have found that there are many cultures that take time for breakfast and enjoy it. Breakfast should, ideally, be a leisurely affair where you can sit with your family or friends before you go out to work for the day. Here are some of the best breakfasts that I have found around the world, inspired by the ‘Breakfast Club’:

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India is a large country so you will find the food will be different depending on which region you are in. In the North of India you will be treated to Paratha breads that are delicious. The breads can contain a number of ingredients; butter, vegetables (spicy), sweetened milk or just plain.


The number one breakfast dish in Burma is called Mohingar, you will see people in restaurants and sat by street stalls enjoying Mohingar each and every morning. It is a thick, very filling, fish soup. Once you are served your soup you can add a number of toppings to it, chili, fish cakes, fritters or noodles. Mohingar is the national dish of Burma, so wherever you are you will be able to find it. If you miss it at breakfast fear not because you will be able to find it on nearly every menu!


I couldn’t write a piece about world breakfasts and not mention the great ‘Irish fry’, it is a breakfast that I grew up with and one that I always look forward to eating. Whilst it is not the healthiest thing you will find it is certainly one of the tastiest. Bacon, eggs, white and black pudding, sausage, tomatoes, fried bread or toast, mushrooms and baked beans make this a meal fit for a king. You will need this to be a leisurely breakfast because you will be a little tired after you have wolfed it all down.

For the ultimate leisurely breakfast you should cook up your food and then sit in front of your laptop. Sit there and get the day off to a great start by winning on Bingo, the friendly people over at Wink bingo have some great promotions this month. They are starting a Breakfast Club for everyone that enjoys playing Bingo in the morning. To keep up to date head over to their Facebook page where you will be able to see all the relevant information and latest competitions.



The best breakfasts from around the globe
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