Vegas is known for a great many things, its attitude towards gambling, the level of entertainment that is on offer, the debauchery and mayhem which can be found here, but above all else, Vegas is known for its world famous hotels. The hotels here take on an altogether very different approach to what a hotel should be, and many of these incredible buildings are far more than simply somewhere for you to lay your head. In true Vegas style the hotels here are ostentatious and fun-loving, and here are our top 3.

3 – The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino

Most hotels in Vegas come with a theme and the Venetian offers this in abundance with its romantic Venetian style design, featuring classic Italian architecture and high levels of detail. The most striking aspect of the hotel is indeed from the outside, with a canal running throughout the outside of the hotel, featuring real gondolas which will take you on a slow ride across the hotel’s water. Inside the hotel gets even better with its huge suites, decked out in classic Roman design and features a sunken living room, and plenty of luxurious touches. This is one of the biggest hotels in the world and inside its walls you will find shopping experiences, a number of restaurants and bars, and of course, casinos.

2 – The Bellagio

The Bellagio offers one of the most decadent hotels which you are likely to find, packed with luxury and ornate design. Much like the Venetian, the star attraction here at the Bellagio is the dancing fountains outside the front doors, which have become an attraction in themselves for many visiting Vegas. The Penthouse and the suites here are insane, offering huge rooms with all manner of service options, but the cheap rooms are still pretty special. On top of the comfortable and luxurious stay which you can expect, the Bellagio offers plenty of shows featuring the top names in entertainment, as well as restaurants, trendy nightclubs and a huge array of amenities to make your stay extra special.

1 – The Mandarin Oriental

The debate as to which is the best hotel in Vegas is one which will lily rage on for eternity, our pick however is the Mandarin Oriental. This Asian inspired hotel is a sleek, sexy and classy hotel which is designed with nothing but elegance in mind. Each room in this hotel offers Asian luxury, with bamboo detail and classy artwork and design throughout. Whichever room you pay for in this hotel will come with one guarantee, a first class hotel experience. There is less razzmatazz in this hotel than in many others in hotel, but the tea room and the spa experience here are very special, and indicative of just how luxurious this hotel really is. The cherry on the cake in the mandarin is the Mandarin bar at the top of the hotel, offering birds-eye views across the city.

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Countdown of the Best Hotels in Vegas