Due to it’s location right at the end of the underground District line a lot of people are yet to visit the borough of Dagenham and Barking, but being part of London it is certainly a place that everyone needs to check out.

If you speak to anybody from Barking escorts they’ll tell you all about the great things you can see or do in the area. Here are some sights not be missed next time you’re in the area.

Check Out The History

Barking Abbey is the best place in town to go to see some history. It is the place where Barking started all the way back in 666. It’s a beautiful place to visit and even though some of it is in ruins they still have a certain charm to them. You’ll find the Abbey on Abbey Green, it is right next to St Margaret’s Church which was built in the 12 century. The church itself is a nice little place to stroll around too, especially if the weather isn’t too good outside.

Catch A Show

There’s only one theatre in town so you’d be surprised to learn just how popular and amazing this place is! An example of this is when the local council were going to take its budget away back in 2011, there was a massive reaction from the national media which led to it remaining open. The Broadway Theatre has loads of things going on so make sure you check online to see if there’s anything that’s to your liking. The last time I looked they had plenty of shows for kids, dance performances and even pr wrestling!

Visit A Local Pub

You can’t visit a new place in the capital without seeing what their local watering hole is like. Barking doesn’t disappoint with the Victorian pub called the Spotted Dog, what makes it even better is that it is right next to the station so you can grab a drink before heading home. It’s a surprisingly nice little wine bar so I highly recommend you pop in for a pit stop.

Interesting sights in Dagenham & Barking