While driving is a pleasant activity for most people, during the holidays, when journeys can take more than an hour or so time can start to drag and the drive can become a bit tiresome for everybody. Here we´ll offer you some tips to amuse yourself while staying alert and safe on the road.

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If you are driving alone, it is a good idea to listen to some music to keep you alert and proficient on the road. Chill out music might be just too relaxing for an activity that requires your full attention. Try to keep awake with lively music. Although, at the other end of the spectrum, songs with a very fast tempo or abusive sound, could make you feel tired or cause unsafe driving. At this website you can check out a list of the safest songs to drive to and also those that the most unsafe. A mix of your favourite rock and roll ballads would be perfect, the closer the beat of the song is to your resting heart beat the better!

The sound system in your car is an important instrument in making long-distance driving fun, therefore it is important to ask when hiring a car from a company such as Alamo Car Hire, Hertz or Avis, what system your car will come with. AM/FM radio is generally a standard feature, then you have audio cassette and CD players, as well as connectors for your i-pod or MP3 player. Listening to the radio is another good way to help pass the time on a long journey, although be careful not to be tempted to phone in to the radio for a competition or to request a safe song, such as “The Scientist” by Coldplay, because driving while talking on the telephone is incredibly dangerous. Then there is also the option of story tapes, in this way you can listen to entire novels while you drive to your destination.

Apart from listening to music, you can also make your own, classic children’s songs can keep everyone amused on a long journey, such as “ten green bottles sitting on a wall”. In more modern cars with screens for the rear passengers, you can even do karaoke in the car or watch movies. This is, of course, strictly for the passengers, the driver will have to be satisfied simply listening to the movie.

When boredom really starts to kick in, then there is nothing quite like a good game of “Eye spy with my little eye…” to get everyone involved in the landscape and the interior of the vehicle! Other games include the memory game “I went to the shops and I bought…” and the classic “20 questions” where one person thinks of an animal, vegetable or mineral and the other people have to try and guess what they have thought of by asking 20 yes or no answer questions.

Finally, the oldest amusement activity in the book is good old conversation, a good old natter. It keeps you awake and alert and is a great bonding activity for the whole family. A good topic can make time really fly.

How To Make Long-Distance Driving Fun