Whether you’re inter-railing through Europe or travelling around Asia, backpacking will provide you with an experience to be remembered. Backpacking has become increasingly popular as a means of travel, this is a result of  more and more people now wanting to get to see the world through the eye of a backpacker.

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The backpacking lifestyle is one to be admired as it is not as luxurious and flamboyant in comparison to that of a regular two week sun-holiday. Some say the lifestyle is hard and most agree that it’s not for everyone. But it is one that needs to be tried and tested at some point in life.

To be a successful backpacker, you must know how to pack wisely and efficiently. This can be a difficult task, and it does take time to master the art of packing a backpack.

You need to be careful and extremely selective about what you put in your backpack. This article is intended to make the packing process a little easier for you, here are some travel accessories that every backpacker needs:

1.   A decent travel backpack.

To really enjoy your backpacking experience, you need to have a good quality backpack that is fitted well and comfortable to carry. There will be many occasions during your adventures where you will be forced to carry your backpack for long periods of time, not a nice experience if your backpack is weighing you down, huh? A decent travel backpack is essential when backpacking, even if it does cost you a lot of money to purchase. You’ll certainly be glad of it in the long term scale of things!

2. A travel towel.

Conventional towels are a complete ‘no no’ when backpacking, partly because they weigh an absolute ton, and they take forever to dry. What’s the alternative? – A travel towel. They are ultra light-weight, fast drying, and they fold so easily that they take up very little space in your backpack. A travel towel is definitely a ‘must-have’ travel accessory.

3. International plug adapters. 

The world is hugely diverse and can be quite baffling at times. The same thing can be said for the different electrical systems that can be found scattered throughout the globe. If you plan to travel to a large volume of countries, different electrical systems are something that you are going to have to deal with. You can buy individual adapters for each country or do it the more practical way, and get yourself a universal adaptor that will allow you to plug in no matter where you are in the world.

Packing is a learning process, and you will become better at it, but only from learning from your previous packing blunders. Whatever you decide to bring, ensure that you are well equipped for an adventure of a lifetime.

Three Things That Every Backpacker Needs