Fashion has become a very important part of every modern man’s life and rightly so. As it has become more acceptable to care more for their appearance there are naturally more people curious about this topic. I have compiled some of my top tips that every fashionable man should know. Read on to find out more.

Get some beautiful shoes

Shoes are something that men don’t tend to notice that often and this is the reason they tend to fall at the last hurdle. Shoes are however very noticeable and they can easily make or break what you are wearing. I recently purchased some great Hugo Boss shoes from Mainline Menswear and was very surprised by the amount of comments that I received immediately, especially from women! Remember that shoes are important, even if you don’t think that they are.

Details mean a lot

Getting details right is more than just wearing a nice scarf, it is the small things like your watch matching your outfit or a pocket square to add some colour to what you are wearing. Remember that accessories are one of the best ways to get your outfit going and these can add those small details that you need.

Keep moving forward

Fashion is a great way to express yourself and is an important aspect of life, no matter how superficial some people view it to be. It has a huge impact on friendships, your career, education and relationships. It really doesn’t hurt to look and feel good, so it is important that you invest some time and effort into looking and feeling good.

Keep things simple

One mistake that men tend to make when they experiment with fashion is that everything they wear is too loud or just too much. Being stylish doesn’t mean having a kilogram of gold around your neck or wearing an electric blue leather jacket. Keeping things simple is a great way to look great, but still show that you care about your appearance. My approach would be to get all the great basics that you can, such as t shirts, trousers and so on, and then start to experiment from here with accessories and some more flashy items of clothing. Remember that you will always have your basics to fall back on!

Tips For Every Fashionable Man