New York City is a city that you will never have enough time to explore, so you absolutely need to make the most of your time whilst you are there. In order to save time and get the most out of your experience I decided to write this short article about my tips for visiting New York City. Read on to find out more.

Getting there quickly

Getting from the airport to New York city should be as quick and painless as possible and the best way that I have found to do this is by taking a private car service. For example, a New York chaffeur service is absolutely perfect when you don’t want to take a taxi or a bus to get to the city. You don’t have to fight other people to get a taxi and you don’t have to dread the long and bumpy bus ride into Manhattan. A private car offers a comfortable ride and you don’t need to worry about your things being taken. In fact you can even sleep without the fear of missing your stop!

Eat Pizza

Pizza is an absolute staple of any New Yorker’s diet and it isn’t hard to see why. It is absolutely delicious in New York thanks to the huge Italian migrant population there. I would highly recommend visiting somewhere like Joe’s Pizza or even eating a slice right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge at Grimaldis. Pizza on the go is also very quick with many small pizzerias selling enormous slices of pizza for $1.

Get Your ESTA

If you are from another country and are visiting the United States it is advised to get your ESTA, which is an electronic visa waiver at least a few weeks before you travel. This will avoid any delays in processing at the airport and will mean that you are ready to go once you touch down in New York.


Although it is an extremely big place, walking is a great way to get around New York City. This is because there are so many little unique spots that you will surely miss if you take the subway or taxis all the time. Walking is in fact a great way to explore any city around the world, because you always know that something is around the next corner and this is especially the case in New York City.

My Tips For Visiting New York City