El Paso is one of my favourite cities in Texas and one that doesn’t always get the love that it deserves. I thought that combining my love of this city with the fact that it’s relatively unknown would be a great topic for an article. I want to show you a bit more of what El Paso has to offer, so here is my guide. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Where to Stay

El Paso Skyline from the north. Image via Wikimedia by LC Rogers

El Paso has a number of high-quality accommodation options that I love trying out when I’m in town. From boutique hotels to family friendly hotels, there are many IHG hotel options in El Paso to choose from. Find a hotel in close proximity to your itinerary to limit the amount of traveling day to day. There’s something here for every kind of traveler, so it’s a great place to visit.

What to Eat

Texas is quite famous for its combination of barbecue and Mexican food, and El Paso is no exception. I really enjoy eating the classic Mexican dishes that we all know and love, such as tortillas and burritos, but El Paso restaurants also offer other traditional Mexican cuisine. I love the authentic fare here, which gets back to what makes Mexican cuisine so great.

Things to Do

With the Franklin Mountains State Park just a short drive away, El Paso is a great place to get out onto the desert trails and explore the fascinating landscape. Many people see desert flora and fauna on TV, but they never really get the opportunity to see the beauty of it in person. You can see the classic cacti, lizards, and desert flora that are abundant in the area. When you see this against the red earth, it makes for a very beautiful sight. You can also enjoy some great mountain biking and rock climbing here, as El Paso is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.

El Paso isn’t all about nature, though. It has a cultural scene that’s growing all the time. There are a number of bars, clubs, and restaurants to enjoy. I have also been very surprised recently with the growing indie music scene, especially with many great music festivals that aren’t too far away. This makes for a great place for bands to tour, and it’s also great for the city!

I would also highly recommend visiting the El Paso Museum of Art, which houses works from a number of local Mexican artists as well as large European collections. Particularly stunning are the Samuel H. Kress collections, which include 57 works of European art from the 12th to the 18th centuries. Another great thing about the museum is that it offers free admission to all visitors, so there really isn’t an excuse not to go.

El Paso can’t really be described in one short blog post. There is just so much to do in El Paso that I would highly recommend that you try and experience this Southwestern city for yourself. Happy travels!


A Travel Guide To El Paso, Texas