Men need all the help that they can get when it comes to wearing the right clothes, especially since that it is relatively new that men are getting into and experimenting with fashion. I thought that this would be a great reason to write a little something about what men should wear to look extra special. So read on to find out more and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Invest in accessories

Accessories are the perfect way to jazz up an outfit and add a level of polish that other guys only dream about. Experimentation is key here and you could try out many different things. I really like to have a very nice belt or a nice watch to make sure things pop. You may not think that these are important, but these small details truly make a big difference. You can get some really great belts, bags and other accessories from great shops like Mainline Menswear.


Men these days wear jeans a lot and don’t realise the versatility of more formal trousers. Formal trousers are absolutely ideal to be worn dressed up or dressed down. A slim cut t shirt and sneakers can really look great with some trousers, as well as a shirt and dress shoes. That is what I love about them too, they can be worn pretty much anywhere without thinking your outfit is too crazy and that is why I like to have a few pairs of trousers to really help me to experiment.


Sneakers look and feel great and every guy should own at least one pair. If you are going to get only one pair I would highly recommend a white leather pair, as these look great and also can be worn in more or less any situation from cocktail party to a drink with friends in a bar. I really like sneakers and love what they can do for an outfit.


I like investing in clothes because generally speaking, the better quality they are, the longer they last for. They also tend to look a lot better and stay that way for much longer than cheaper clothing. Good quality clothes are a great investment and you can even save yourself some money in the long run by buying them. Imagine buying a new t shirt every year for 5 years or buying just one that lasts you for five years. This is a much more sustainable way to shop too.

Wardrobe Tips For Men