Nepal is famous for being where the Himalayas are found. Millions of people over the years have visited this magical country to have a once in a lifetime experience of the sow capped mountains. There are plenty of well known reeking routes here, but I think one of the best is the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu has only opened to foreign visitors in the last few years, since its opening it has grown in popularity with the world wide trekking community. You need to make sure you have prior permission before you trek there but that is an extremely simple process. 

The Manaslu Circuit Trek can be trekked by people of all ages just so long as they the right level of fitness. Here are the reasons why people are heading to Manaslu to have an amazing trekking experience. 

Views of the Himalayas

The trekking route will take you to the base camp of the world’s eight heights mountain – Mount Manaslu. Along the way you will also be able to take in the sights of Buddha Himal, Ganesh Himal, Chamari Himal, Shringi Himal, Nadi Chuli, Himal Chuli, Larkya Peak and much more.

The best place on the whole trek is Larkya La Pass, here you will get the most spectacular views of the mountain range. It is also thought to be the highest point on your trek too.

Untouched Natural Beauty

This circuit is located in a very remote part of Nepal and wasn’t officials opened to trekkers until 1992. It is a protected area and you also need permission prior to trekking here. Manaslu is less busy and sees less tourists that the other trekking hotspots – all of these points mean that you’ll see untouched nature coupled with areas that haven’t been influenced by modern technology. You won’t come across newly constructed roads of any big swanky buildings here.

Lodging & Food

When you do this circuit each meal will give you a true taste of authentic Nepalese cuisine. My favourite of them all was Dal-Bhaat. It’s a combination of rice, veg curry, lentils, tomato chutney, salad and meat (if you’re not a vegetarian) all cooked in the traditional Nepalese way. My mouth watered when ever we were served this.

When you’re not pitching your tents for the night you will stay in guest houses, which are usually referred to as tea houses. Both are good choices, on one hand you get a comfy bed for the night and with the other you sleep under the stars.

Why visit Manaslu?