Koh Chang is the second largest island you will find in Thailand, here you will find an abundance of exciting activities to keep you entertained during your holiday. We were lucky enough to visit last year, being nature lovers Koh Chang was absolute heaven for us. The beaches are awesome, the waters a perfect blue and there are many other things to enjoy too.

The island is in the south of the country and is really easy to get to from Bangkok. We went from Chiang Mai to Koh Chang, despite being at the other end of the country it was really easy to get to and took less than a day – we flew via Bangkok. I recommend all you lovers of nature out there to hit up Koh Chang if you’re in Thailand because it’s a great place and well worth the travel. Here are some of the activities that we loved during our time there.

Scuba Diving

We always try to hunt down the best locations to when we go on holiday, it was why we opted to head to Koh Chang. It is an ideal dive site because the sea around the island is quite shallow and very clear; you will see beautiful reefs, tons of tropical fish and more. There are plenty of dive schools here which we found to be very professional and friendly, you don’t have to be a seasoned pro to dive here. We were told that the best times for diving is from October to May, that is when the conditions are best and you get the most visibility.

Boat Tours

When you’re not below the ocean the best way to enjoy yourself is by hopping on one of the several boat tours offered. You can shill out on deck soaking up the sun if you like or do any number of activities offered, on our boat there was fishing, snorkelling and canoeing. Apart from all those things, you will also be served up some tasty thai cuisine, eating out at sea is one of the most relaxing times we had. If all that wasn’t enough, the boat tour will pass through some other islands where you will get a real appreciation of how beautiful the landscape is here.

Kong Plu Waterfall

If you love breathtaking landscapes, the Klong Plu Waterfall is a must see. This impressive waterfall is the largest on Koh Chang, it’s easy to get to and set up for visitors. From the area where you get dropped off it takes about 15 minutes to follow the path down to the waterfall. If you’re not in a rush then there is a canopy trail to explore, this will take you through the rainforest and get you up close and personal with the wildlife living there. 

Koh Chang Is Perfect For Nature Lovers