Koh Chang Is Perfect For Nature Lovers

Koh Chang Is Perfect For Nature Lovers

Koh Chang is the second largest island you will find in Thailand, here you will find an abundance of exciting activities to keep you entertained during your holiday. We were lucky enough to visit last year, being nature lovers Koh Chang was absolute heaven for us. The beaches are awesome, the waters a perfect blue and there are many other things to enjoy too.

The island is in the south of the country and is really easy to get to from Bangkok. We went from Chiang Mai to Koh Chang, despite being at the other end of the country it was really easy to get to and took less than a day – we flew via Bangkok. I recommend all you lovers of nature out there to hit up Koh Chang if you’re in Thailand because it’s a great place and well worth the travel. Here are some of the activities that we loved during our time there. read more

Why visit Manaslu?

Why visit Manaslu?

Nepal is famous for being where the Himalayas are found. Millions of people over the years have visited this magical country to have a once in a lifetime experience of the sow capped mountains. There are plenty of well known reeking routes here, but I think one of the best is the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Manaslu has only opened to foreign visitors in the last few years, since its opening it has grown in popularity with the world wide trekking community. You need to make sure you have prior permission before you trek there but that is an extremely simple process.  read more

The Best Ski Resorts On The Planet

The Best Ski Resorts On The Planet

What gets a resort into my list of the top resorts? It is not just the ski runs, the hotels, guides, restaurants and spas. Well, they are obviously all important factors but I think we must always feel at home when we’re on a ski holiday. I don’t want to feel like I’m just another tourist or a faceless guest, I want my ski resorts to be a home away from home where my whole groups is comfortable. 

So with our further ado, here are 3 of the best ski resorts I have been fortunate enough to visit: read more

3 Reasons To Love Thailand

Thailand is the land of smiles, the smiles here welcome millions of tourist from all over the world each and every year. I am lucky enough to spend most of my time here in Thailand, I feel blessed to enjoy the sunshine, food and friendly people every day.

So here are 3 reasons why I love Thailand:

The Food

I used to think that Indian food could never be beaten but that was so wrong. In Thailand everything tastes good, and don’t worry if you’re not in to spicy food because in the tourist areas they’ve toned down on the chilli. On the other hand if you do love a bit of burn on your tongue the Thai’s will be more than happy to oblige. I recommend ordering Pad Krapow, that is a mixture of minced pork, chilli and basil – it sounds simple but the taste is unbelievable, especially when topped with an egg. Check out Paul Hurdsfield Instagram to see some of the best restaurants in Thailand. read more

Tips for Managing Common Travel Emergencies

Just like at home, we’re prone to experiencing emergencies while traveling. Unfortunately, dealing with these emergencies while on a trip is much more difficult than tending to them at home.

Here are five helpful tips for managing common travel emergencies.

1. Carry multiple copies of important documents in case you lose them

Print a photocopy of your government identification, passport, and other credentials. You should also take pictures of each of these forms of identification. If possible, sign up for mobile apps that allow you to present IDs, passports, and the like to necessary parties without needing anything more than your smartphone.
read more

Interesting sights in Dagenham & Barking

Interesting sights in Dagenham & Barking

Due to it’s location right at the end of the underground District line a lot of people are yet to visit the borough of Dagenham and Barking, but being part of London it is certainly a place that everyone needs to check out.

If you speak to anybody from Barking escorts they’ll tell you all about the great things you can see or do in the area. Here are some sights not be missed next time you’re in the area.

Check Out The History

Barking Abbey is the best place in town to go to see some history. It is the place where Barking started all the way back in 666. It’s a beautiful place to visit and even though some of it is in ruins they still have a certain charm to them. You’ll find the Abbey on Abbey Green, it is right next to St Margaret’s Church which was built in the 12 century. The church itself is a nice little place to stroll around too, especially if the weather isn’t too good outside. read more

Countdown of the Best Hotels in Vegas

Countdown of the Best Hotels in Vegas

Vegas is known for a great many things, its attitude towards gambling, the level of entertainment that is on offer, the debauchery and mayhem which can be found here, but above all else, Vegas is known for its world famous hotels. The hotels here take on an altogether very different approach to what a hotel should be, and many of these incredible buildings are far more than simply somewhere for you to lay your head. In true Vegas style the hotels here are ostentatious and fun-loving, and here are our top 3.

3 – The Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino

Most hotels in Vegas come with a theme and the Venetian offers this in abundance with its romantic Venetian style design, featuring classic Italian architecture and high levels of detail. The most striking aspect of the hotel is indeed from the outside, with a canal running throughout the outside of the hotel, featuring real gondolas which will take you on a slow ride across the hotel’s water. Inside the hotel gets even better with its huge suites, decked out in classic Roman design and features a sunken living room, and plenty of luxurious touches. This is one of the biggest hotels in the world and inside its walls you will find shopping experiences, a number of restaurants and bars, and of course, casinos.

2 – The Bellagio

The Bellagio offers one of the most decadent hotels which you are likely to find, packed with luxury and ornate design. Much like the Venetian, the star attraction here at the Bellagio is the dancing fountains outside the front doors, which have become an attraction in themselves for many visiting Vegas. The Penthouse and the suites here are insane, offering huge rooms with all manner of service options, but the cheap rooms are still pretty special. On top of the comfortable and luxurious stay which you can expect, the Bellagio offers plenty of shows featuring the top names in entertainment, as well as restaurants, trendy nightclubs and a huge array of amenities to make your stay extra special.

1 – The Mandarin Oriental

The debate as to which is the best hotel in Vegas is one which will lily rage on for eternity, our pick however is the Mandarin Oriental. This Asian inspired hotel is a sleek, sexy and classy hotel which is designed with nothing but elegance in mind. Each room in this hotel offers Asian luxury, with bamboo detail and classy artwork and design throughout. Whichever room you pay for in this hotel will come with one guarantee, a first class hotel experience. There is less razzmatazz in this hotel than in many others in hotel, but the tea room and the spa experience here are very special, and indicative of just how luxurious this hotel really is. The cherry on the cake in the mandarin is the Mandarin bar at the top of the hotel, offering birds-eye views across the city.

Which is your favorite hotel in Vegas? Let us know in the comments below.

Urgent Accessories for the Luxury Traveller

Urgent Accessories for the Luxury Traveller

If you travel a lot, be it for work or pleasure, you need to get good at travel. It’s not just a case of learning how to spend your time during a layover, and sleeping well on aeroplanes,  you need to supplement your knowledge with a tool kit of the vital accessories all the most seasoned travellers keep with them to ease their passage as they travel around the world


When you’re packing for a trip, you need to strike a balance with toiletries: you need to bring enough to keep yourself not merely clean but at the top of your game but not so much that passing security becomes an impossible task. read more

Spending 48 hours in Seattle, Washington

Spending 48 hours in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is one of those special places that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. I love everything that the city has to offer, whether it is the nature, history, culture, sights, or even just the amazing IHG hotels in Seattle. It is also one that I would recommend to any of my friends, family, and readers. I wrote this short guide to give you a taste of what Seattle is all about, and how you can spend 48 hours there. I hope you enjoy it!

Olympic Sculpture Park

Image via Flickr by Elvert Barnes

This is a must-visit for anyone heading to Seattle; this park is home to a number of sculptures from world-renowned artists like Claes Oldenburg and Alexander Calder. Currently, you can see Oldenburg’s work “Typewriter Eraser, Scale X” on display in the park, which is an incredibly unusual giant sculpture of a typewriter eraser. It really is surreal to see something like this, but it makes the park a special place that is unlike any I have been to before. Another cool feature of the park is definitely the beach, which is a great place to hang out in the summer months. Plus, this park has amazing views of Puget Sound, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Visit Olympic National Park

The Olympic National Park is an incredible park that has a huge million acres — much of which is wilderness — and is the place to go for some adventure if you are in Seattle. The park offers endless miles of coastline, forests, unique ecosystems, snow-capped mountains, and some special wildlife to top it off. Aside from this, the park has an incredible history with over 600 archeological sites that span 12,000 years of human history. This really is a place to get out of the city, take a walk, and enjoy the most beautiful nature that you can imagine.

The Space Needle

No visit to Seattle could ever be considered complete without visiting the Space Needle. Riding the elevator 520 feet above the ground is always something interesting to do, and the views from the observation deck are stunning with the unique combination of the surrounding mountains, islands, and water. The Space Needle is also an ideal place to view the sunset. This is best achieved in every season except for summer, when the sun sets around 9 p.m., making it difficult with the Space Needle closing at 8! If you want the best views of the sunset and the glowing lights of Seattle, always check when the sun is setting.

Hop Across the Border

One of the benefits of visiting Seattle is the fact that Canada is very close, and you can take the bus, drive, or take the train to Vancouver. It takes just over 2 hours to drive there, meaning that you could even make a little day trip (or overnight trip, if you fancy). I would highly recommend spending a few days in Canada if possible and then heading back to Seattle of course.

There is so much more in Seattle to explore, take some time off and explore this magical place for yourself!