It was Thoreau who said that we need to be lost first to discover ourselves. Travel for many is a way of getting lost. But, most of them forget about exploring and discovering. When I started my journey, I was also the same, not knowing what discovering oneself was about. For me it was just experiencing other cultures, getting lost in the jungle, meeting people from around the world, and all those adrenaline-pumping adventures that we all romanticize about. After a few years of travel, I started realizing that travel meant more to me than I thought.

Thus, began this blog. It is here to inspire others through the tales of my journeys, breaking the limits of what’s possible, and creating the life of my dreams. But, this blog is not just my random ravings. It can also be your personal guide to pursue a traveler’s life. This blog can be your roadmap from a fellow traveler who already made it through the worst and best so that you can have a heads up.