Tips for Managing Common Travel Emergencies

Just like at home, we’re prone to experiencing emergencies while traveling. Unfortunately, dealing with these emergencies while on a trip is much more difficult than tending to them at home.

Here are five helpful tips for managing common travel emergencies.

1. Carry multiple copies of important documents in case you lose them

Print a photocopy of your government identification, passport, and other credentials. You should also take pictures of each of these forms of identification. If possible, sign up for mobile apps that allow you to present IDs, passports, and the like to necessary parties without needing anything more than your smartphone.
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Urgent Accessories for the Luxury Traveller

Urgent Accessories for the Luxury Traveller

If you travel a lot, be it for work or pleasure, you need to get good at travel. It’s not just a case of learning how to spend your time during a layover, and sleeping well on aeroplanes,  you need to supplement your knowledge with a tool kit of the vital accessories all the most seasoned travellers keep with them to ease their passage as they travel around the world


When you’re packing for a trip, you need to strike a balance with toiletries: you need to bring enough to keep yourself not merely clean but at the top of your game but not so much that passing security becomes an impossible task. read more

A first time visitors guide to San Francisco, California

A first time visitors guide to San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of my favourite cities in the United States and many people just seem to love the mix of culture and openness, and a way of life that you just cannot seem to find in other cities in the States, let alone the world. It is always important to me to share posts with you guys about destinations that I like going to and this time it is San Francisco. You worry about booking your hotel in San Francisco, and I will worry about the things you should see. Enjoy reading!

Golden Gate Bridge

Image via Flickr by Tearstone

This is undoubtedly the most iconic image of San Francisco and is world-renowned. It is absolutely huge at over 80 stories high and creates one of the most stunning views of the bay in combination with the ocean. It is always a great idea to head to San Francisco when the weather is good, so I would definitely recommend midday, but keep an eye on the weather, and you can never go wrong.

Walking is a great way to experience the bridge, but I also loved riding my bike there too. These are truly going to be some of the best views of the city and the bay that you are likely to see. If you want to learn more about the history of the bridge, I highly recommend the visitor center there too.

Take a cable car

The cable cars are an absolute must when traveling around San Francisco. There are a number of routes that offer stunning views and refuge from walking some of the very steep streets that you can find in the city. I love to take them everywhere, and it is a nice way to look around and truly experience what is on offer. You simply jump on and off them and go wherever you want. If you’re curious to learn more, you can also visit the free cable car museum.

Visit Golden Gate Park

Whenever you hear the locals talking about the park, it is almost certain that they mean Golden Gate Park. This huge rectangular park starts in the heart of the city and reaches all the way to the end of the island into the stunning Pacific Ocean. The park is filled with various gardens, playgrounds, and even a golf course. You won’t be searching for things to do here, they will literally be right in front of you.

You absolutely must see the Conservatory of Flowers, which is a restored 1878 Victorian greenhouse that houses over 2,000 species of plants and flowers. It is like another world being in a huge greenhouse with some of the most exotic and beautiful plants that you are ever likely to see in your life.

I also really enjoy the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, especially because I am a huge fan of these types of gardens. This particular garden gives you the feeling that you could truly be in Japan with a Japanese temple, a curious looking bridge, and all the well-kept and trimmed plants that the Japanese are famous for.

Whatever it is that you are looking to see, you are going to have a great trip. Enjoy your first time in San Francisco!

Surfs Up Dude

Surfs Up Dude


The Southwestern county of Cornwall in England is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. With miles of sandy beaches to choose from and idyllic countryside walks, it has become a popular destination for travellers from all around the world. one of the most popular places to visit is the town of Newquay on the Northern coast of the region. This old fishing port and former haven for smugglers now attracts thousands of visitors a year with places nearby like Tintagel, the famous home of the legendary King Arthur and his knights of the round table being a popular attraction. However, the town itself is now really famous for its surfing and one of the read more

5 Things You Need To Do In Brooklyn

5 Things You Need To Do In Brooklyn


Brooklyn is one of my favourite parts of New York City, and it’s a neighbourhood that rivals Manhattan. I love all of Brooklyn’s quirks, with its interesting culture and fascinating corners that often get overlooked in favour of its bigger brother. I want to talk more about five things that you absolutely need to do whilst you are in Brooklyn. This article is the perfect opportunity for me to reflect and for you to learn more. I hope you enjoy it! read more

How To Plan The Best Trip To Phoenix, Arizona

How To Plan The Best Trip To Phoenix, Arizona

Photo © by Jeff Dean. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post is originally posted by Mani on 3rd April on A New Life Wandering.

Phoenix, also known as the Valley of the Sun, provides sunshine almost every day of the year. And while it has remained on the list of must-visit cities in the U.S., something has shifted as of late. The city is gaining visitor momentum with its up-and-coming arts scene, gastronomic greatness, and its stunning desert and mountain scenery. If you’re intrigued, here’s how to plan the best trip to Phoenix, Arizona.

When to Go to Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix offers extreme temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 40 degrees Celsius, in the summer months to freezing in the winter. So it’s best to go in the in-between months in spring and fall to enjoy the Valley of the Sun at its best. When you’re ready to plan your trip, check out this Phoenix hotel planning guide to book the perfect hotel for your needs.

Soak in the Culture and Gastronomy

Culturally, Phoenix can really stand out with its many museums, theaters, music venues, opera, and symphony. Some of the state’s best museums lie here and feature a number of themes. I recommend The Heard Museum, the Arizona Science Center, the Phoenix Art Museum, and the Museum of Musical Instruments. You can also take a stroll through Bentley Projects, a downtown warehouse district full of art galleries.

After fueling with the complimentary breakfast at your hotel, feel free to work up an appetite during the day to give way to delicious food. Given the proximity to Mexico, you’ll find outstanding south-of-the-border inspired cuisine.

At the Phoenix Ranch Market, you’ll find freshly made tortillas, refreshing aguas frescas, and mouth-watering tres leches cake. Phoenix also has other international flavours, including French, Korean, and other Latin American cuisines.

Stay Cool

As mentioned, Phoenix can get pretty hot, but there are several ways to stay cool. Many hotels have pools where you can soak, refresh, and lounge with the family. You can also take them to the several water parks around the city. If water isn’t your thing, you’ll find air conditioning across buildings in Phoenix. So feel free to satisfy your shopping needs at the many malls and chic boutiques.

Witness Stunning Natural Beauty

Possibly one of Phoenix’s best feature is its majestic desert landscape with breathtaking sunsets and plenty of outdoor activities. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy hiking and biking up Camelback Mountain, where you can view the city from above. If you want to bring your furry friend on your hiking adventure, there are many pet-friendly hotels in Phoenix, too.

There are also many green areas around the city, like the South Mountain and Squaw Pearl parks. You can also go horseback riding through the splendor of the desert and enjoy the vast array of colours during sunset.

Now you have all the best tips for arts and culture, gastronomy, staying cool, and outdoor adventure to visit Phoenix, Arizona. Do you have any other tips or recommendations?


The USA is the place to be this summer

The USA is the place to be this summer

I have been lucky enough to visit the USA several times and it never fails to impress me. I fell in love with this vast country on my first trip to New York, each time I have left to fly home I am planning my next USA destination.

With flights being offered at such competitive rates these days you are just one click away from finding an amazing bargain. Make sure you do your research and have a look at the comparison sites – one good tip is to sign up to as many newsletters from airlines so you don’t miss out on a great bargain. I flew from London last time and could believe how cheap it was!

Once you’ve sorted your flights out to the USA, or anywhere in the world for that matter, the next thing to think about is visas. I have always run in to visa issues when travelling the world but getting in to the USA is so easy if you know what to do. The best thing to do is use ESTA – 

Electronic System for Travel Authorization. If you are from an eligible country you can use ESTA to apply for the visa waiver programme before you travel. This allows you to travel without a visa when you’re heading to the USA because after a successful application you will read more

The numbers behind Celebrity TV Shows

I was recently looking over my finances and seeing how much I would be able to save up for my next holiday, I decided that it was best to take a loan . Whilst I was waiting for a response from Cash Lady about the approval of my loan I started reading about ‘how the other half live.’

I started to read an article that detailed the amounts of money celebrities were paid for the reality tv shows they appear on. I of course knew that they would be earning good money, but I was really surprised to read that some earned over 300,000 pounds! That seems like a huge amount of money for just a few weeks work, especially when you consider that they are not really A-List celebs.

I also didn’t realise that the shows were genuinely competitive. If you look at the infographic below you will see that on Strictly Come Dancing the celebs earn more the further they progress in the competition. It seems like a great idea because it means they won’t just show up and collect their cheque but also put in a lot of effort too. After you look at the money they earned below, click here to take a look at the full article talking about the money they bank on these hugely successful shows.]

This awesome infographic was created by the good people at Cash Lady. Enjoy!


Top tips for cruising with your mate

Top tips for cruising with your mate

Cruises are fun whether you’re in a group or travelling solo. But, like with all holidays, if you’re travelling with a mate, it’s best to be well prepared. The following tips have been designed for those travelling as a couple. Whether you’re best friends, romantic, or anywhere in between, these tips will take all the drama out of your cruise.

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