Timeless Tips for Home Decor

Timeless Tips for Home Decor

Everyone wants to have that home that everyone loves to visit. It’s the home that welcomes guests with a cozy entrance, twinkling lights and a warm, comforting vibe. But if you’re not quite confident in your home decor skills yet, this dream might seem far away. You might think that you need to shell out the funds for an interior decorator to finally have the home of your dreams. But in fact, you can create a gorgeous and welcoming home just by following a few easy tips:

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Use an area rug

Even if you have all-over carpeting in your living room, an area rug adds a punch of style and color as well as cozy comfort to the space. Area rugs are also a great way to protect your expensive carpet, as you can always just have them washed and they keep your floor carpeting covered. Layering rugs over carpet adds texture and interest. Of course, you can always lay an area rug over hardwood floors for a different kind of cozy look.

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